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Email marketing helps you maintain a bond with your customer and increase the conversion rates of your eCommerce. Do you want to know how to use email marketing to improve your relationship with your customers and give your online store a boost? Keep reading 😊

Email marketing is based on the sending emails to a contact list with the purpose of communicating and promoting products or promote a brand. Through these emails, potential customers are easily and effectively reached.

Although digital acceleration has meant that the channels through which we contact customers are becoming more and more, email marketing continues to be the king of communication: we can send personalized offers, discounts, make important communications and marketing campaigns. Segmented advertising with a higher level of conversion than through other channels, since user loyalty through this channel gives us a lot of information to personalize your experience.

Advantages of email marketing

Keep in touch with your customers

Email marketing is not just about sending emails in bulk. The main objective of an emailing strategy is to improve any ecommerce.


Some of the advantages of an email strategy are:

Send customers news, discounts, promotions...

Do you have a new star product in your catalogue? Do you want to make a special campaign with discounts to sell more? Would you like to give a discount as a birthday gift to a customer on your contact list? One of the main advantages of an email strategy is having your contacts segmented and classified to be able to send marketing actions in a personalized and automated way that improve the conversion of your eCommerce 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Generate engagement

In an online sales ecosystem, generating engagement with your audience becomes your main objective. Thanks to emails, you will be able to generate an engagement strategy for each segment of your audience, creating a link that will make your contacts increase their trust in your store and your products.

increase conversions

Yes. Clearly so.


Thanks to the email marketing tools that we currently find on the market (Active CampaignMailchimpConnective…) we can count on data that gives us a lot of valuable information about our user. We can configure automations to remind them that they have left a cart halfway (without being too aggressive, please), show them items related to their purchases to encourage a recurring purchase, notify them of new items in the catalog, send discounts that activeNo purchase, etc. In short: a whole list of actions that will increase your sales.

Collect opinions and feedback

Word of mouth also exists in the eCommerce world…


Do not settle for sending the purchase. Email marketing will allow you to communicate with your client to find out how the service provided has been and collect feedback from them. A very effective improvement strategy directly from your customers will grow your business.

Trust us.

Basics in an email marketing strategy

3 tips that will help you

We want to give you three tips to establish an email marketing strategy that will help you improve your sales and your positioning as an eCommerce.

1. Set SMART goals

Remember that, for any strategy that you want to carry out within your digital business, the objectives must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and temporary. Following these methodologies you will be able to define clear KPI’s, strategies for each campaign, automation…

2. Get leads through the 3 Vs

  • Visibility. Make your strategy visible and understandable to each user.
  • Value. Increase the value of your communications with content that is oriented to each segment.
  • Velocity. Be careful with contact forms: make sure to ask for the data you really need, otherwise, the user will be able to go back and leave their registration halfway… ☹️

3. Establish the metrics that give you relevant information

Identify those metrics that give you relevant information for the strategies you want to carry out. It is better to study 3 specific metrics that help you make concise decisions to collect all the data that can divert you from a clear objective… About us we recommend the following:

  • Open rate: number and percentage of people who open your email with respect to the emails sent.
  • Click through rate (CTR): rate of people who have clicked on any of the links contained in the email.
  • Conversion rate: Percentage of people who end up converting via email.
  • Average order value: the average amount of money of the order that the user has made.
  • Unsubscription rate: Percentage of people who have decided not to want more communications.


With these three tips you will be able to start an effective email strategy in which your objectives will be clear, you will be able to increase your prospecting database and you will be able to measure the results of each campaign to continue improving. You need a hand? In PSS Digital We are experts in growing your business through all digital channels.


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