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Because without juniors there will be no seniors, at PSS we are committed to young talent and we have launched a new initiative: Talent Campus.  


Talent Campus is a new service where we take care of the training and evaluation of juniors for their subsequent incorporation into companies established in the technological environment. ?

What is the Talent Campus?

At PSS we are experts in attracting talent, we have more than 25 years of experience in this area and, for this reason, with our Talent Campus we take care of attracting and recruiting groups of juniors that fit the needs of the companies with which we collaborate.

We incorporate those selected in a training project given by PSS focused on the technology with which they will work when they join the company, guaranteeing their evolution and acquisition of knowledge through continuous evaluation, carried out by the instructors, and a final exam.

This process of attracting talent and training includes the following phases:

1. Recruitment and recruiting of young talent by PSS.

2. Education in the determined technology adapted to the previous knowledge of the students.

3. Knowledge Assessment: continuous evaluation and final exam.

4. Incorporation to the company who has contracted the service.

These phases may vary in order to adjust our Talent Campus as much as possible to the needs of the collaborating company and the juniors selected.

What are the advantages of our Talent Campus?

Our Talent Campus was created with the aim of making it easier for young people to enter the labor market, in addition to providing companies with the best talent. junior. Therefore, the main advantages provided by this initiative are:

1. We provide young people with the opportunity to start a technology career in a reputable company.

2. Collaborators have the possibility of participate in the whole process.

3. We offer a training plan adjusted to the previous knowledge of the students and the needs of the company.

4. We perform a monitoring of evolution of those selected, guaranteeing their constant improvement.

5. At the end of the training, the students take a final exam to evaluate their acquired knowledge before starting to work in companies.

What has our collaboration with Accenture consisted of?

What if… We have already launched the PSS Talent Campus!

We have put our new initiative to the test with a leading company in the sector of strategic consulting and technological services, Accenture.

In this first project, we have been in charge of attracting and recruiting a group of technicians junior who have received training in mainframe platform taught by PSS for later incorporation into Accenture projects.

The juniors receive training in mixed modality, face-to-face and online, which included a final achievement exam and a continuous evaluation report carried out by the PSS instructors who were part of the entire process, with the aim of ensuring their acquisition of knowledge or Mainframe platform skills.

Finally, the technicians who pass the training evaluations are incorporated into Accenture projects.

If you also believe in young talent and want to incorporate new junior profiles into your company, don’t hesitate! Get in contact with us. ?

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