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Si tienes un eCommerce no puedes olvidarte de posicionar tu página de manera orgánica.


From PSS Digital we want to give you some tips that will help you improve SEO of you Online store. 

El Search Engine Optimization, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most complicated tasks on a website and it takes a long time to see its results.

Getting an eCommerce to position itself through SEO is not an easy task since it will be the big brands that have their pages very well positioned, but if you have an online business you cannot forget something so important. So that you don’t fall apart, we want to give you some tips to improve the SEO of your eCommerce and thus be able to see results in your long-term sales 😊

Some tips to improve the SEO of your eCommerce

1. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile

We know. We are very heavy and we have already told you in other articles of this blog. But is there any doubt that the mobile has become our favorite device to find what we need?  


Approximately 20% of online purchases are made through mobile devices and this trend continues to rise.


At PSS we always take into account mobile optimization as one of the main factors in the success of an ecommerce. And we always give the same recommendation: a mobile-optimized online store translates into more sales.  


Therefore, do not forget the responsive design in your eCommerce that adapts to any campaign and offers a simple shopping experience for the user. UX, you know.  


You may think that this has nothing to do with SEO, but if you position your eCommerce and you don’t have this part worked out… the chances of them leaving your store before buying increase.  

2. Pay attention to the loading velocity of your eCommerce

Although it is one of the great forgotten, the loading rate It is one of the positioning factors that is gaining more importance. Why? Easy: the less time it takes to load your website, the more time Google will have to go through it from top to bottom.


The tool PageSpeed ​​Insights It will help you to know the load time of your website and will show you how you can improve what is not right on your website.


(This is applicable to any website 😉).

3. Write texts that define your categories

Categorizing your online store is one of the main steps to have your eCommerce in order. The user will find everything faster and easier and your articles will be tidy. So far so good.  


However, it is important that these categories have an introductory text that defines that category. Write small texts with the category as a keyword to help the user know if it is the category they are really looking for and, in addition, to boost SEO.  


Even if you use the category name as KW, write this text to help your customer, thus merging UX writing and SEO for a better shopping experience.    


We leave you here the example of

4. Do link building with your products

 Just like we do linkbuilding To build a quality link on any website, in your eCommerce this task has an extra advantage: cross selling. 


Add links on product pages to other products in your store, as Google will pick up this interlacing when going through it. A simple way to implement this linkbuilding it is offering related or complementary products to those that the user is looking at.  


By adding these links, Google will reach these products without having to return to the first levels of the web, reducing load times and improving your sales experience. All advantages! 


For you to see an example, we leave you an example of

5. Use your own quality images in your product sheets

One of the most expensive jobs that an eCommerce can have is to have its own photos and not those that are given by the brand, especially if the product catalog is very extensive.  


Even so, at PSS Digital we always recommend having a catalog of your own good quality photos, as it will increase the confidence of your buyers and you will have unique content.  


Do not forget to put titles and descriptions on your images for correct SEO optimization in them and be careful with their size, since a very large image can slow down your loading times.

Trust PSS for your eCommerce

At PSS we are experts in eCommerce and our team has amExtensive experience in comprehensive strategies for trade electronic.

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