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Surely you have heard of the Digital Kit. This is a measure to favor the digitization of companies with the aim of supporting the digital transformation of Spanish micro-companies and freelancers, and accompanying them during this process of changing from analog to digital.

What is the Digital Kit?

This measure falls under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the agenda Spain Digital 2025 and SME Digitization Plan , and it is the first action related to digitization that is carried out with the European recovery funds.

They are destined like this 3.000 million euros for the technological and digital transformation of 99% of the national productive fabric, which employs 50% of the active population and aims to generate more employment.

This amount will be distributed as aid in the form of bonds that entrepreneurs and freelancers can use to purchase digital products and solutions through the calls Digitizing Agents (provider companies), which have been previously approved by the Government.

Kit Digital

What services does the Digital Kit cover?

The services that the Digital Kit vouchers will cover are:

1. Website and internet presence (2.000 €)

2 Electronic commerce (2.000 €)

3. Management social media (2.000 €, 2.500 € plus 10 employees)

4. Customer management (2.000 €, 4.000 € plus 10 employees)

5. Business intelligence and analytics (1.500 € up to 3 employees, 2.000 € up to 10 employees, 4.000 € up to 10 employees)

6. Process management (500 € up to 3 employees, 2.000 € up to 10 employees, 6.000 € up to 10 employees)

7. Electronic invoice (500 €, 1.000 € plus 10 employees)

8. Virtual office services and tools (250 €/user)

9. Secure communications (125 €/user)

10. Cybersecurity (125 €/user)

What are the advantages of digitizing a company?

Oddly enough, there are still many businesses that have not made the leap to digital and, although you might think otherwise, going digital brings great advantages:

1. Reduction of time and costs: Digitization makes it possible to automate and program processes that save time and cost.

2. Increased productivity and turnover: Due to automation, productivity multiplies, being able to assume more business volume.

3. Improved customer experience (and communication): having a mail automation system, customer service with chatbots… improves the customer experience and therefore their loyalty.

4. Higher sales: In the case of an ecommerce, being able to sell our products beyond our physical store expands the purchase radius and, therefore, the income.

The first thing to say is that not all companies need to access digitization bonuses since everything will depend on their level of transformation that they have already worked on before.

However, in order to test it and so that these companies can know what level of transformation they have already established in their companies, a self diagnostic tool on the AceleraPyme platform.

Who can access these grants?

The first thing to look at if you want to access the bonuses is check if requirements are met established in the bases of the call, which are already published in the BOE. Broadly speaking they are:

1. Be self-employed, small business or micro business.

2. Comply with the financial and effective limits that define the categories of companies.

3. Be registered and have the minimum seniority established by call.

4. Not be considered a company in crisis.

5. Stay up to date with tax obligations and with Social Security.

6. Not be subject to a pending recovery order from the European Commission that declares aid illegal and incompatible with the common market.

7. Not incurring in the prohibitions provided for in article 13.2 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies.

8. Do not exceed the ‘minimis’ aid limit.

How to request the aid of the Digital Kit

Once we have verified that we can access the aid package, we have to formalize the request. For this, we have two ways: one online and one face-to-face.

If the self-employed person or the SME opts for the telematics option, they must follow the following steps:

1. They have to register on the web AcceleraPyme.

2. Perform the self-diagnostic test to know the level of digitization from which it starts.

3. Consult the catalog of digital solutions and choose the ones that best suit their needs. It is not necessary to use all of them.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to make the request in person, you will have to go to any of the AceleraPymes Offices distributed throughout the territory for this purpose. Through them you can also request advice during the process, in the same way that you can also request it through the free phone 900 909 001, where you can also ask any queries and doubts that arise.

If you want more information about the digital kit, you can access here!.

About us we make it easy for you

PSS is a digitizing agent for the Digital Kit program and, therefore, we will help you throughout the process. We are experts in ecommerce and digital marketing and we want to help you take your business to the top.

If you want more information leave us your data and go to the digital environment ☺️

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