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We know that it is easy to say, but how to retain customers? Throughout this post we will see some tips that will help you retain your audience.

Many e-Commerce focus their efforts on attracting new customers, investing large sums of money and time in Adwords campaigns and promoting their products on social networks. It is true that the acquisition of new customers is necessary to obtain a critical mass of consumers, however, it is much more effective to retain customers who already know us than to acquire new ones.

6 keys to retain your audience

1. Customer Support

In addition to email, telephone or chat, you can use social networks to deal with requests and questions from your customers. Availability in customer service can be a factor in losing opportunities if it is not managed correctly. Do not be afraid to offer help in all parts of the purchase process, in customer service “more is better”.


2. Personalization of the browsing experience

Personalization communicates good customer service and favors the relationship with the company. It is essential that not only the title, but also the content of emails addressed to customers be created in a personalized way. Currently, this trend has already reached e-Commerce, so it is becoming necessary to offer personalized navigation.

There are tools that facilitate this task, such as Barilliance or Listrak, and that could help you improve the user experience of your websites.


3. Build customer loyalty with transparency and communication

They say that a liar is caught before a lame man. You cannot build loyalty if what you sell does not correspond to what the customer receives. Create a speech in which you convey the experience of using your products or services, but remember to always speak honestly.

Take advantage of all the digital channels to actively listen to your company. This can be a good way to know the needs and desires of your customers, being able to anticipate them.


4. Take care of your brand

Surely you cannot turn your business into a world-renowned company overnight, but you can work every day to make it the best in its sector in the digital field. In your checklist you should write down all of the above and also include a good design of your website, an attractive logo and a tone that reflects the values ​​of your brand.

It is an effort that in the long term is rewarded in a higher conversion rate from loyal users.


5. Get noticed

Communication by email through Newsletters must be constant. To do this, establish several email campaigns such as welcome emails, purchase confirmation emails, quality surveys, as well as to send congratulatory messages on certain days.


6. Loyalty programs

The loyalty strategy most used by companies (physical and online) is based on inviting consumers to join a loyalty program that offers benefits for purchases, turning the user into a recurring consumer.

At PSS we are experts in creating strategies focused on the client or consumers. If you need more information, contact us!

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